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Inability to focus, weapons of mass distraction, "googling" of minds: countless publications denounce the flood of images and information, from television, Internet to video games, that would condemn our youth […]

This article reconsiders two highly debated issues concerning the social network Twitter: the formation of echo chambers on the one hand, and the ideological fragmentation of this social network, on the other.

An excellent critique of the social media giant underlines the threat it poses to us all – and suggests how it can be tamed.

On December 10, 2016, about a month after his election, Donald Trump used the term 'fake news' for the first time in one of his famous tweets. A few months […]

Young people spend 3.5 hours a day consuming the media, which is the second most important activity for young people after sleep. Essential, though often underestimated, media contribute to their socialization, competing head-on with family and school.

Since 2016, interactions with fake news have been going down on Facebook, whereas they have been going up on Twitter. Overall, Facebook still remains a key network for the diffusion of misinformation, much more so than Twitter.

This article, published in 2017, is now one of the most cited references in scientific literature on fake news. It was one of the first to investigate this phenomenon. We here at Fondation Descartes have created a detailed summary for you. Readers in a hurry can go straight to the conclusion.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have been accused of interfering with democracy in Europe and the United States.

This book examines the shape, composition, and practices of the United States political media landscape.

Can we measure the impact of manipulation ? Everyone finds, in the media or on the Internet, something to confirm their beliefs.

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