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#info. Comenting and sharing news on Twitter and Facebook


More and more often, journalistic information is directly posted on the 'feeds' of our social medias, especially on Facebook or Twitter, but also on LinkedIn or Snapchat and of course via videos posted on YouTube or DailyMotion. The mediation of these platforms to access news is not neutral. The purpose of this book is to try to understand what is changing in our relationship to the media, our relationship to information as a new information ecosystem is gradually being put in place in the age of sociodigital networks. What are we sharing? How do we do it? How do we comment on the news on Twitter or Facebook? What are the new uses of Internet users to use the devices offered by these platforms: hashtags, like, retweet, emojis and emoticons... Risks of being locked in filter bubbles via the recommendations of our "friends" and algorithms are high. Therefore, it is essential, for the proper functioning of our democracies, to be fully aware of the upheaval that is taking place before our eyes, in our daily information practices.

Topic :  Social media  
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Edition :  Maison de l'Homme  
Country :  France 
Language  :  French 
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