Promote the need for sincere information for a democracy based on trust
Fact checkers, web extensions, journalistic standards... The Fondation Descartes offers you a map of initiatives in France and around the world involved in asserting the quality of information or in fighting against disinformation.
Initiative Category


Multi-stakeholders Initiative

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has partnered with the European University Institute to form the European Media and Information Fund, which aims to strengthen resilience against online disinformation. The Fund will support projects relating to media literacy, online disinformation, fact-checking and academic research.


A new episode of the documentary series “la Fabrique du mensonge” (Manufacturing Lies) revisits the falsifications and mechanisms that led to the death of Samuel Paty. Shortcomings in the moderation of social networks are also analyzed in relation to the far-right terrorist attack perpetrated in Christchurch in March 2019.


The Global Migration Media Academy aims to provide media education to students and journalists to help them detect, process and debunk disinformation. Training centers are being set up in Ireland, as well as Mexico, Serbia, Morocco and the Philippines. Additional centers will be established in other countries as the initiative evolves.

Multi-stakeholders Initiative
France, International

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) launched a platform aiming to evaluate and identify trustworthy sources of information.

United Kingdom

This multidisciplinary project, led by the University of Oxford, aims to promote research on the relationship between politics, automation and algorithms. Research into the algorithms present on social networks that are disrupting the functioning of democracy is one of their main areas of interest.

Initiative gouvernementale
Union européenne

The European Parliament recognizes the threats posed by Russian propaganda and foreign electoral interference via disinformation within the European Union. The Parliament calls for a strengthening of the East StratCom Task Force, which is the principal European body in the fight against disinformation.

Austria, Hungary

The CMDS is leading a large-scale study on the production of misinformation in Central Europe in order to evaluate its impact.

Media literacy website
United Kingdom

The BBC has published a guide on how to help stop the spread of online disinformation surrounding COVID-19.

Information website

On May 21, 2020, the United Nations launched a new initiative aiming to push back against the wave of lies and hate that has risen alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, by giving people all over the world the ability to share accurate information to help save lives and promote international solidarity.

Government initiative
European Union

Platform developed by the European Union to fight against disinformation about COVID-19.

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