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For an ecology of the attention

Yves Citton

Inability to focus, weapons of mass distraction, "googling" of minds: countless publications denounce the flood of images and information, from television, Internet to video games, that would condemn our youth to a pathological concentration deficit.

This essay offers an overview of these issues that runs counter to common laments. Yes, the overstretching of our attention is a problem that must be placed at the heart of our analyses, our educational reforms, our ethical reflections and our political struggles. But, no, the advent of digital technology does not condemn us to mindless dissipation.

How can we redirect our attention? What should we pay attention to? Do we need to learn to manage our attention resources in order to be more "competitive", or do we need to become more attentive to each other and to the environmental challenges (climatic and social) that threaten our existential environment? This book defends the second way. It lays the foundations of an awarness ecology as an alternative to an overconcern that is crushing us.

Topic :  Concentration  
Format :    
Edition :  Seuil  
Country :  France  
Language  :  French 
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