Promote the need for sincere information for a democracy based on trust


The Fondation Descartes publishes the writings of experts affiliated with the foundation, who are speaking here on their own behalf.
The circle of experts is multidisciplinary, comprising academics specialized in various disciplines at the crossroads of information and communication studies, cognitive and behavioral sociology, international relations, philosophy, psychology and journalism.

Requiring social networks to regulate the content published on their platforms will, according to Laurent Cordonier, expose us to the risks of a form of digital precautionism restricting individual freedoms.

Arnaud Mercier analyses for The Conversation the rhetoric of Donald Trump and his allies in the face of the Ebola epidemic.

Laurent Cordonier explains why the outbreak of conspiracy theories accompanying the Covid-19 pandemic comes as no surprise.

Sociologist Laurent Cordonier, researcher at Fondation Descartes, reveals the main factors behind the modern success of conspiracy theories.

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