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In a field as insecure as that of collective psychology, the author demonstrates extraordinary knowledge by presenting in the most assimilable way the theses of all those - biologists, sociologists, […]

In this book, Alfred Sauvy studies the frightening gap between the mentality of the man of action and the man of science. He shows that, in this century which inherits […]

Liberalism, today, is not looked on favorably. It is indeed being put to the test, between those who use it to justify their cowardly abandonment and those who use it […]

Gustave Le Bon delivers a study that remains relevant today. The ideas developed by the author would have inspired democrats such as Roosevelt, Clemenceau, Poincaré, Churchill and de Gaulle, but […]

Jean Stoetzel's book takes stock of research in social psychology, the human science that studies the social conditions of behaviour. After a historical and epistemological introduction, five parts give an […]

In the current state of knowledge, we know a lot about survey techniques but we do not know how to answer the question: what is public opinion? This book identifies […]

Censored in 1939 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, destroyed in 1940 by the Germans, this book was finally reissued in the early 1950s in its current expanded and […]

This work by M. de Félice is the third in a series devoted to the comparative study of some of the principal methods of mysticism, a series which began in […]

Political propaganda is one of the dominant phenomena of the 20th century. Without it, communist revolution and fascism would not have been conceivable.

How to define the public opinion? What are the mechanisms for influencing the public?

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