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In Praise of Liberalism. Remedy for political cynicism and extremist passions.


Liberalism, today, is not looked on favorably. It is indeed being put to the test, between those who use it to justify their cowardly abandonment and those who use it to discredit their opponents by reducing it to the economy. But in an increasingly complex world, subjected to the diktat of immediacy, it has never been such a new idea. Never before has it appeared as the best remedy for political cynicism, extremist passions, political correctness and identity madness. Rich in reminders and explanations, events and portraits, Joseph Macé-Scaron knowledgeably reminds us how individual freedom built modern France, and the extent to which it is capable of building the France of tomorrow. Far from any systematic spirit, liberalism finally teaches us, in a world where irrationality reigns, that one can be moderate with passion.

Topic :  Belief  
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Edition :  Editions de l'Observatoire  
Country :  France  
Language  :  French 
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