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Tag: Beliefs

False allegations regarding large-scale voter fraud were widely circulated shortly before the 2020 US presidential election. To what extent did US voters believe this misleading information?

How can we understand the metamorphoses and current forms of belief? Why do some beliefs spread rapidly in public opinion and others do not? What are the social contexts that […]

The rise of fake news highlights the erosion of long-standing institutional bulwarks against misinformation in the internet age. Concern over the problem is global. However, much remains unknown regarding the […]

While the mass media play a crucial role in American politics, growing mistrust and disenchantment with them fuels political disafilliation. The study examines how Americans shape their perceptions of media […]

Liberalism, today, is not looked on favorably. It is indeed being put to the test, between those who use it to justify their cowardly abandonment and those who use it […]

What is truth? This book defends a new answer to this question. Traditional theories of truth hold that truth has only a single uniform nature. All truths are true in […]

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