Promote the need for sincere information for a democracy based on trust
Fact checkers, web extensions, journalistic standards... The Fondation Descartes offers you a map of initiatives in France and around the world involved in asserting the quality of information or in fighting against disinformation.
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United Kingdom

Trusted News is a tool that allows its users to consult an opinion on the news websites they consult. It is a tool offered by MetaCert Protocol, which provides an array of Internet security software. Belongs to FactMata.

United Kingdom

Service offering protection against false information from a dual perspective. The first is the protection of the general public; the second concerns businesses and intends to protect advertisers by allowing them to evaluate the content published on a media platform from which they would like to purchase advertising placements. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence in order to identify hate speech, propaganda, fake news networks and statements aimed at eliciting “clicks” from Internet users without providing adequate or qualitative content.

Information website

Journalists from Agence France Presse review false information regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and publish their assessment on AFP's website and social media accounts.

Collaborative tool for fact-checking YouTube videos

CaptainFact underlines the increased prevalence of confirmation bias in the Internet age. The website offers to rate news-related YouTube videos by displaying a green logo when the information is correct, and a red logo when it is false.

Search engine

Search engine operated by journalists from Libération, in the form of questions submitted by web users to journalists.

Web extension
United States

News Guard relies on the expertise of journalists to sort through and gauge the legitimacy of news and information platforms. The site offers a color-based grading system (green and red) and tries to detect biases that would be concealed from readers, as well as propaganda articles or deliberately false statements. News Guard also proposes a quality label for information.

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