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Fact checkers, web extensions, journalistic standards... The Fondation Descartes offers you a map of initiatives in France and around the world involved in asserting the quality of information or in fighting against disinformation.
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Annotation platform
United States

Users import an article’s link onto the website. Once uploaded, they can comment on the article. Articles already present in the platform’s database can also be commented on by all users. Each sentence of the articles can be commented and annotated according to whether they are true, false, satirical, biased, ...

Web extension
United States

The purpose of the website is to enable an open-ended debate regarding the content that is available on the Internet. The idea of the site is to allow its users to annotate web pages in the same way they would annotate books. The aim is to provide clarifications and corrections to the web page’s contents. The platform is intended to be completely free of access, free of charge and does not seek profit. Its revenue comes from private sponsors, such as for example the foundation created by the founder of eBay. All users are also encouraged to donate if they wish.

United States

Our News is a collaborative social network that strives to fight misinformation by allowing users to share articles that they consider to be true. The articles are then critically reviewed by other users. An algorithm is charged with moderating the platform, so as to reduce the amount of fake news submitted. Their label is Newstrition®.

Web extension
United States

Chrome and Firefox extension, based on an artificial intelligence tool named “Walt”, that aims to help users better understand what they read on the Internet. The goal is to identify cases in which articles are not written for the significance of their content, but rather to elicit a reaction, and a click, from the reader. The site insists that its AI does not detect if the article contains facts that are true or false, but only provides guidance on the possible biases that a statement could contain.

Web extension

A web extension that allows users to see if the web page they are visiting has been criticized elsewhere on the internet. If a criticism has been reported, it is then possible to consult the web page that issued it in order to learn more about the content of the original page. The aim here is to develop Internet users’ critical thinking by providing them with differing opinions on a web page’s content. The extension encourages the confrontation of ideas, since it does not state which site is best.

Social media analysis tool

Truthnest can detect the presence of bots among the followers of a Twitter subscriber.

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