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Fact checkers, web extensions, journalistic standards... The Fondation Descartes offers you a map of initiatives in France and around the world involved in asserting the quality of information or in fighting against disinformation.
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United Kingdom

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) aims to disrupt, defund and discredit disinformation websites. They collectively work with governments, businesses and members of civil society. They provide policy advice and guidance to key global efforts and institutions to combat disinformation. They offer automated solutions to identify threats in every sector, including the advertising industry. They rely on data science to track emerging pieces of misinformation.

Information website
United States

Mediawell is a nonpartisan initiative associated with the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) that seeks to track and curate research on misinformation. Their aim is to consolidate the academic literature on this topic. They summarize the results of academic articles, identify research gaps, and popularize this information so that it can be understood by all: researchers, journalists, and the public. Their endeavor is very similar to ours.

Web extension

Chrome/Firefox/Opera extension which offers to inform its user about the “safety” of the websites they consult. The mechanism resembles a nudge, since it attempts to modify users’ choice architecture without ever restricting them. The tool does not solely concern news websites and can, for example, inform consumers on the quality of products sold on a website. It is therefore not strictly speaking an anti-fake news initiative. The tool is based on the opinions of users, rather than that of experts. It has been downloaded by more than 140 million Internet users.

United States

Hoaxy is a tool that provides a visualization of the dissemination of an article on social networks and on the Internet.

Annotation platform
United States

PublicEditor is a software that allows users to critically read and analyze news articles found online and to subsequently share their work. The software relies on the expertise of qualified volunteers to critique articles in a constructive manner. Members examine factual errors, errors in reasoning and psychological biases to assign a score to each article, which ultimately allows for a more informed opinion.

Information website
United States

Bitpress News is a nonpartisan corporation founded in 2017 to fight against misinformation. They detect misinformation spread online (memes, articles, videos, tweets) via technology (data science) and the contributions of expert analysts. Their goal is to prevent the dissemination of all forms of misinformation by publishing their results on digital platforms.

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