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Censored in 1939 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, destroyed in 1940 by the Germans, this book was finally reissued in the early 1950s in its current expanded and […]

What are these 'algorithms' that are disrupting our daily lives? What is on the other side of the mathematical iceberg? "Algorithms": this is a topical word, which many think they […]

Disinformation was used during the Cold War and its use grew with globalization, before the Internet and social networks opened up new horizons. As we explore the mechanisms of what […]

We are deeply imbued with the idea that modernity lies in the channelling of passions through reason, either by taking into account universal norms or by the composition of well-understood […]

Jacques Ellul delivers in one hundred and twenty pages a history of propaganda from ancient Greece to the middle of the twentieth century, in a context of fear of the […]

Peopleocracy is the result of a twofold process. On the one hand, the rise of populist movements and parties; on the other hand, by contamination effect, the modification of the […]

How to build an effective strategy in an era of constant misinformation and mistrust? The multiplication of alternative facts (fake news), the hysterization of debates, the growing influence of digital […]

A word can be true or false. Right or wrong. Truthful or misleading. Realistic or delusional. Delusional has nothing to do with lying. Fabulation is not knowingly deceptive. The pathological […]

This work by M. de Félice is the third in a series devoted to the comparative study of some of the principal methods of mysticism, a series which began in […]

Viewed from the present cultural moment, when gossipy infotainment crowds out fact-based political reporting, Robert Darnton's book on ‘the art of slander’ brings to light an eighteenth-century subculture that, while […]

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