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On the other side of the Machine: Journey of a scientist in the country of the algorithms

JEAN Aurélie

What are these 'algorithms' that are disrupting our daily lives? What is on the other side of the mathematical iceberg?

"Algorithms": this is a topical word, which many think they understand, but few know how to handle. It took a specialist in code and equations to guide us through this veritable journey into the unknown land of numerical modelling.

For the eminent scientist and entrepreneur Aurélie Jean, however, nothing could be simpler, more readable than a line of code: the promise of understanding, through the virtualization of phenomena, life itself; the whole range of physical, economic or societal phenomena - of any system, living or inert. Writing an algorithm means drawing a solution path for a given problem, a precise and reliable way to access the answer sought.

Plunging into the virtual to understand the real: if the approach seems paradoxical, it is for the researcher the unique method to master our world, with its many challenges that are still elusive today. And it is precisely this method, this algorithmic machine, that separates and connects these two universes, real and virtual, at the same time.

Topic :  Algorithms  
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Edition :  L'Observatoire  
Country :  France 
Language  :  French 
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