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Nearly a century ago, in dizzying visions, Aldous Huxley imagined a future civilization down to its most astonishing workings: a world state, perfectly hierarchical, confined the last "wild" humans to […]

In a few years, everything changed. France, at the time of the yellow jackets, has nothing to do with an indivisible nation structured by a common cultural frame of reference. […]

Why do conspiracy theories invade our minds ? Why does the media cover of politics tend to yield to the tabloid culture? Why do we suspect scientists ? How, in […]

Speech manipulation has become commonplace in modern societies. Democracy, which has placed the speech at the centre of public life, seems to be threatened by the proliferation of techniques designed […]

A small practical guide written in 1928 by Sigmund Freud's American nephew, this book cynically and straightforwardly sets out the main principles of mass mental manipulation or what Bernays called […]

How to define the public opinion? What are the mechanisms for influencing the public?

Discredited conspiracy theories and ideologies have resurfaced, proven science is once more up for debate and Russian propaganda floods our screens.

Fake news and alternative facts today challenge the notion of truth. Those spreading them undermine the functioning of democratic states.

2016 has been consecrated as the year of post-truth. This is the era of "bullshit", hence the need for an in-depth understanding of this phenomenon.

Can we measure the impact of manipulation ? Everyone finds, in the media or on the Internet, something to confirm their beliefs.

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