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Within the scope of a joint project by the DFRLab and the Associated Press, this report examines the way in which four countries – China, the United States, Russia, and Iran – mutually accused one another of causing the Covid-19 pandemic.

False information regarding COVID-19 is spreading through Black online spaces writes Brandi Collins-Dexter.

Fake news, hoaxes, conspiracy theories, rumors? Disinformation would appear to be everywhere, and the truth nowhere to be found. These questions preoccupy our societies, in which the Internet seemingly allows […]

Resumption of a seminar on the history of rumors since the Middle Ages, put into perspective given the current situation. In a poisonously relentless media environment, firewalls are built everywhere […]

Urban legends refer to astonishing but false or unverified stories that circulate in modern societies: for example, the anecdote of a small dog being dried in a microwave oven, the […]

Shibutani seeks to develop a model for the phenomenon of rumors, through the analysis of its appearances during critical events (disasters, historical turning points). He believes this method to be […]

Today, rumours are everywhere: in the media, on the Internet, in the corridors, in conversations. Whether we call it rumour, buzz or urban legend, it permeates all sectors of daily […]

As breaking news unfolds people increasingly rely on social media to stay abreast of the latest updates. The use of social media in such situations comes with the caveat that […]

Viewed from the present cultural moment, when gossipy infotainment crowds out fact-based political reporting, Robert Darnton's book on ‘the art of slander’ brings to light an eighteenth-century subculture that, while […]

As breaking news unfolds people increasingly rely on social media to stay abreast of the latest updates.

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