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We had had to wait for the middle of the 20th century for recognizing that language not only describes the world, but also carries out actions. Even if the idea […]

An alarming number of Americans no longer trust the media to report the news fairly. This study explores factors that explain variation in media trust.

Making the journalist profession more ethical and transparent is the mission of the Journalism Trust Initiative and the Trust Project.

The media are increasingly displaying fact-checking work, particularly in the political field, through fact-checking formats and headings.

As heated debate continues over how social media sites can improve the quality of news on their platforms while enforcing rules fairly, most Americans are pessimistic about these efforts and are highly concerned about several issues when it comes to social media and news.

The campaign for the UK Brexit referendum or the 2016 US presidential election campaign were marked by the central importance of social media and the emergence of what is now called fake news.

This study maps and analyses current and future threats from online misinformation, alongside currently adopted socio-technical and legal approaches.

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