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Syntheses of research papers

To best understand what is occurring today around fake news and misinformation, Fondation Descartes is making summaries of key scientific publications on this topic available to all interested citizens. Without being exhaustive, these summaries allow us all to have an overview of current research, issues in question and the key results obtained. These summaries also can inform debate and deconstruct preconceived ideas relating to misinformation.

They will take on sometimes technical questions. We have made the choice not to hide the complexities, but to give as many tools as possible for understanding, so that anyone who is interested and motivated by the subject can understand the foundations and become familiar with scientific research tools. These summaries are also an opportunity to have an overview of practices and methods of scientific research in social sciences, for those who are interested.


Publication date

This article is a literature review on good practices for correcting misinformation.

This article presents the theory of the protection of cultural identity and its impact on the emergence of fake news.

Since 2016, interactions with fake news have been going down on Facebook, whereas they have been going up on Twitter. Overall, Facebook still remains a key network for the diffusion of misinformation, much more so than Twitter.

This article, published in 2017, is now one of the most cited references in scientific literature on fake news. It was one of the first to investigate this phenomenon. We here at Fondation Descartes have created a detailed summary for you. Readers in a hurry can go straight to the conclusion.

The authors shed light on the connection between analytical thinking and resistance to fake news.

Two studies based on inoculation theory provide positive results on the use of games to combat misinformation.

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