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Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris-Saclay), Florian Cafiero is a research engineer at the Groupe d'Etude des Méthodes de l'Analyse Sociologique de la Sorbonne (CNRS / Université Paris-Sorbonne), and lecturer in Digital Humanities at the Ecole Nationale des Chartes.
As a specialist in web data analysis, his work focuses in particular on criticisms of vaccination, climate change denial, or online radicalization phenomena. He is also the author of numerous studies in quantitative linguistics and digital philology. He has notably participated in the refutation of the controversial thesis that Molière is not the author of his plays.
Since 2019, he is a member of the "Esprit critique" working group of the Conseil Scientifique de l'Education Nationale.

Endowment fund for the creation of the Fondation Descartes
8, Avenue du Président Wilson 75116 Paris.
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