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What role does journalism play in a democracy? What does it mean to see and render visible the contemporary world? What is the political significance of such an activity? Does […]

Professor Roger Mucchielli retraces the modern history of subversion and analyzes its mechanisms and major events. A radical change has taken place in the conception of modern warfare. Today, war […]

From Tiananmen to the Gulf, via Timisoara, the author describes, sometimes in a vitriolic style, the blunders of the media, who in his view have become too sure of themselves. […]

38 tricks and methods to appear to be right despite being objectively wrong, or to defeat your opponent by arguing in bad faith. A short treatise for anyone who is […]

The conversations surrounding sincerity are as fierce and vivid as they are muddled. Yvon Belaval analyzes the ways in which sincerity relates to truth, knowledge and self-expression. In The concern […]

Concealing oneself behind a mask, as Descartes once claimed, has become a necessity for anybody wishing to participate in the “spectacle society” that democracy has become. Montesquieu’s In Praise of […]

Criticism towards the media and journalists is gaining momentum by the day. Economic and advertising constraints, technological upheavals and societal demands are weighing down on the press with unprecedented intensity. […]

"L’un des traits les plus caractéristiques de notre culture est l’omniprésence “One of the most characteristic features of our culture is the omnipresence of bullshit.” This short essay, though taking […]

According to Volkoff, the collapse of the USSR has not stifled the tidal wave of misinformation imposed on the public by the mass media. Rather, it has made this disinformation […]

Where do our ideas come from? Some come from ourselves, or so we think, but most of them are communicated to us by others, and we pass them on in […]

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