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The study of politics is in an unsatisfactory position, writes Graham Wallas in 1908. Throughout Europe and America, representative democracy is generally accepted as the best form of government; but […]

Young people spend 3.5 hours a day consuming the media, which is the second most important activity for young people after sleep. Essential, though often underestimated, media contribute to their socialization, competing head-on with family and school.

How to distinguish scientific content from pseudo-scientific content?... How to sort out medical therapies? How to prevent the intrusion of rather dark ideologies in various fields? This book allows to […]

SOFTWAR, the first computer thriller based on real technical facts. Thierry Breton knows perfectly well the new economic and ideological stakes of the international trade of artificial intelligence. The Soviets […]

Paid protesters? A supposedly "citizen" interest group, but founded and financed by a private company? A letter of opinion, self-generated without your knowledge, bearing your signature? These are examples of […]

Political propaganda is one of the dominant phenomena of the 20th century. Without it, communist revolution and fascism would not have been conceivable.

This book, written by columnist Eric Alterman, challenges the widespread conservative belief in a liberal media bias.

This book examines the shape, composition, and practices of the United States political media landscape.

Technology as it develops today holds out tremendous hope... But it is also intrusive, domineering and an instrument of polarization.

La multiplication des faits alternatifs, l'hystérisation des débats, l'emprise croissante des dispositifs numériques et le culte de la disruption fragilisent la prise de parole et la capacité d'action des décideurs.

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