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An Ongoing Infodemic

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Anne Schulz & Richard Fletcher

There is a massive amount of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. This Reuters report discusses a study conducted in eight countries (United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, South Korean, Japan, Argentina and Brazil) which shows that individuals who learn about vaccination campaigns via traditional media outlets are on average less likely to believe in misleading or false information than those who learn about vaccination campaigns via messaging applications like WhatsApp or Telegram. The use of social networks to access information also increases the likelihood of believing this false or misleading information in six of the eight countries included in the study (this is not the case in Spain and Brazil).

Topic :  Vaccination and Disinformation  
Format :    
Edition :  Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism   
Country :  United Kingdom 
Language  :  French 
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