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Facebook releases its first report on the most viewed content in 2021 by its users. 

Publication of the information report of the Mission of information dedicated to a national and European digital sovereignty.

Operational proposals to strengthen media and information literacy in schools have been issued by a group of experts.

This CNnum report offers a detailed overview of the mechanisms and actors behind disinformation on the Internet.

The European Commission has published all of the reports from digital platforms (namely Google, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Microsoft)

This Digimind report proposes a literature review of various surveys, in France, dealing with informational issues.

This CCDH report, which has received considerable attention in the United States, accuses 12 English-language public figures of being responsible for a significant amount of the misinformation surrounding vaccination and […]

This report proposes a series of recommendations based on the strengths identified in each of these countries.

This report documents the Covid-19-related media and misinformation themes that generated the most online reaction.

The report examines the impact of Covid-19 on news consumption and the circulation of false information.

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