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The “broadcast” model no longer works in an era of disinformation

Carlotta Dotto, Rory Smith, Chris Looft

This short study by First Draft examines the mechanisms by which the conspiracy theory of the “Great Reset” was disseminated. For some conspiracy theorists, the “Great Reset” refers to a plan designed by the “elites” of the World Economic Forum to enslave the entire world population. Some interesting findings of the study include:

  • Out of 7,775 public Facebook posts mentioning the “Great Reset” between November 16 and December 6, 2020, only 1% have been fact-checked or debunked.
  • Fact-checking operations remain isolated and confidential: they are not massively shared and are hardly present within conspiracy theory circles themselves. 
  • YouTube is cited as a source in one quarter of the posts related to the “Great Reset.” It is by far the most used source by individuals adhering to this conspiracy theory.
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Edition :  First Draft  
Language  :  English 
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