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Deception Detection for News: Three Types of Fakes

Victoria Rubin, Yimin Chen, Niall Conroy

A fake news detection system aims to assist users in detecting and filtering out varieties of potentially deceptive news. The prediction of the chances that a particular news item is intentionally deceptive is based on the analysis of previously seen truthful and deceptive news. A scarcity of deceptive news, available as corpora for predictive modeling, is a major stumbling block in this field of natural language processing (NLP) and deception detection. This paper discusses three types of fake news, each in contrast to genuine serious reporting, and weighs their pros and cons as a corpus for text analytics and predictive modeling. Filtering, vetting, and verifying online information continues to be essential in library and information science (LIS), as the lines between traditional news and online information are blurring.

Topic :  Critical thinking  
Format :    
Edition :  Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology  
Country :  Canada 
Language  :  English 
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