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How to Do nothing : Resisting the Attention Economy

Jenny Odell

In How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, the artist, writer and Stanford professor Jenny Odell questions “what we currently perceive as productive”. She wants to give readers permission to be a human, in a body, in a place. Redirecting our attention towards our nature surrounding us is Odell’s strategy for resisting a profit-driven technical landscape that, in separating our bodies and co-opting our attention, is potentially torching our ability to live meaningful lives, and preventing us from noticing. (Odell herself uses birdwatching as an antidote.)

Book available at the Documentation Centre of the Fondation Descartes.

Topic :  Attention economy  
Format :    
Edition :  First Melville House Printing  
Country :  United States 
Language  :  English 
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