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How to distinguish scientific content from pseudo-scientific content?... How to sort out medical therapies? How to prevent the intrusion of rather dark ideologies in various fields? This book allows to […]

Should we be afraid of the Coronavirus? Why is the world in such a panic?

In How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, Jenny Odell questions “what we currently perceive as productive”.

Descartes tells how he found "the true method of attaining knowledge of all things of which (my) mind would be capable".

This chapter argues that neoliberalism remains a crucial frame through which to understand media power, drawing on Marx’s notion of a ‘democratic swindle’.

The world's gone crazy. We are overwhelmed by a continuous outpouring of fake news and conspiracy theories, by ordinary hatred on social networks, by the radicalization of points of view, in everyday life, in the family circle, on the roads, at work...

Corrélation ou causalité ? Cette étude teste le lien entre les croyances superstitieuses et la propension à effectuer des associations d'idées entre des faits éloignés.

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