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The Descartes Foundation offers you a cartography of the main actors involved in researching on the quality of information, or in fighting against disinformation, in France and throughout the world.
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Research community
San Francisco, United States

The Credibility Coalition aims to develop common standards for information credibility by incubating initiatives and actors from various backgrounds (journalists, researchers, academics, students, policy-makers, technologists and engaged non-specialists). The organisation supports research, especially on the development of indicators / standards used by machines to reduce misinformation online. It has created collaborative tools of research through the platform CredCatalog. It then communicates on this research notably towards policymakers.


Twitter: @credcoalition

Paris, France

Reporters Without Borders is an NGO that campaigns for press freedom around the world, for example through investigations and advocacy missions or the loan of protective equipment to reporters leaving for dangerous areas. The organisation also produces an annual worldwide press freedom index.

Contact: +33(0)1 44 83 84 84 and

Social media analysis tool
New York, United States

Graphika creates highly detailed maps of social media landscapes and tracks disinformation campaigns on the social media by using high level techniques of artificial intelligence. It already studied a number of disinformation campaigns at the international level, notably on issues such as human rights and foreign interference in electoral processes.

Think Tank
Brussels, Belgium

DisInfo Lab is a think tank and research center that produces research on disinformation. It develops an independent European platform on disinformation that encourages a collaborative research opened to all. It also makes policy recommendations at the EU level and to Member States and organises regular events.

Think Tank
Berlin, Germany

Correctiv is a non-profit investigation centre that aims to promote a well-informed society. It is composed of team of reporters that conducts investigations on topics of high relevance, that have a strong impact on how our democracy is functioning. These investigations are made available for free on the internet. Correctiv also supports investigations that are led by other partners. It holds discussions with the general public on current journalistic and political topics and promotes media competence through a training programme to enable people to obtain information for themselves and to uncover injustices and abuses of power.

Contact :

Twitter : @correctiv_org

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