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The civilization of the goldfish, A short treatise on the attention market


24 hours in our lives? A hell of inattention. Up to 5 hours in front of the smartphone. And 30 activations per waking hour. Hundreds of messages, solicitations, information, rumours, photos, videos. The device calls us, grabs us, possesses us. What if we had become goldfish, emptied of our being, unable to wait or think, reclusive in transparency, drowned in the ocean of social networks and the Internet, under the control of algorithms and robots? Economic empires have created a new servitude with relentless determination. At the heart of the system, and at the heart of our daily lives, is a hidden project: the economy of attention. Increase time productivity to extract even more value.... Say no to addiction, to the surveillance of your brain by the biggest multinationals. Take back control of your life and freedom. To read without any digital tool at hand.

Topic :  Critical thinking  
Format :    
Edition :  Grasset  
Country :  France 
Language  :  French 
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