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Complosphere, the conspiracy spirit in the age of networks

Raphaël Josset
9/11, global order governed in secret by occult powers, growing racism, comeback of the Illuminati, end of the sustainability and collapsology.... This book analyses the strong return of conspiracy theories in a world that has become spectacular thanks to the Internet. Exploring the genealogy of the most varied - and wildest - theories, the author shows us how contemporary networks willingly echo them, is their sound box, their catalyst and their label. Buzz spreading is the new fashion on how to become the super gossip of a world in crisis. Apocalyptic thinking and the civilizational crisis are becoming the spectacle, the story of a community. This is the dark side of our societies: why, in an era of information and transparency, do people feel (do we feel) this irrepressible need to tell each other stories and put the world on display, even the most violent and sordid of them ?
Topic :  Trust  
Format :    
Edition :  Le Mieux  
Country :  France  
Language  :  French 
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