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Media Polarization "à la française", Comparing the French and American Ecosystems

Collective Working Group (Institut Montaigne)

In France, representative democracy is experiencing a growing mistrust that also affects the media. The latter are facing major simultaneous challenges: a disruption of their business model in the digital age; a dependence on social networks and search engines to gain visibility; increased competition due to the convergence of content on digital media (competition between text, video and audio on the Internet); increased competition due to the emergence of actors exercising their influence independently from the media (politicians, bloggers, comedians, etc.). In the United States, these developments have contributed to the polarization of the public square, characterized by the radicalization of the conservative press, with significant impact on electoral processes. Institut Montaigne investigated whether a similar phenomenon was at work in France.

Topic :  Medias  
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Edition :  Institut Montaigne  
Country :  France 
Language  :  English 
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