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The Repetition-Induced Truth Effect

BENA Jérémy, CARRERAS Ophélie, TERRIER Patrice

Repeated factual statements are considered truer than one-time statements. This truth effect can have direct implications in erroneous beliefs in our media environment, where the repeated acquisition of the same piece of information is likely (news channels; website (re)visits; social networks). In this paper, we discuss the mechanisms underlying the truth effect through a review of the main results. The dominant current explanation of the effect of repetition on the judgment of truth is the familiarity/fluency hypothesis and the possible role of recollection has been underestimated in light of available results. We propose that a correspondence account, according to which both target recollection and familiarity mediate the effect, would better account for the results and suggest further studies to better understand this phenomenon.

Topic :  Disinformation  
Format :    
Edition :  L'Année psychologique  
Country :  France 
Language  :  French 
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