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In a few years, everything changed. France, at the time of the yellow jackets, has nothing to do with an indivisible nation structured by a common cultural frame of reference. […]

Why do conspiracy theories invade our minds ? Why does the media cover of politics tend to yield to the tabloid culture? Why do we suspect scientists ? How, in […]

Speech manipulation has become commonplace in modern societies. Democracy, which has placed the speech at the centre of public life, seems to be threatened by the proliferation of techniques designed […]

Paid protesters? A supposedly "citizen" interest group, but founded and financed by a private company? A letter of opinion, self-generated without your knowledge, bearing your signature? These are examples of […]

This book examines the shape, composition, and practices of the United States political media landscape.

Technology as it develops today holds out tremendous hope... But it is also intrusive, domineering and an instrument of polarization.

Can we measure the impact of manipulation ? Everyone finds, in the media or on the Internet, something to confirm their beliefs.

This chapter argues that neoliberalism remains a crucial frame through which to understand media power, drawing on Marx’s notion of a ‘democratic swindle’.

The world's gone crazy. We are overwhelmed by a continuous outpouring of fake news and conspiracy theories, by ordinary hatred on social networks, by the radicalization of points of view, in everyday life, in the family circle, on the roads, at work...

This study maps and analyses current and future threats from online misinformation, alongside currently adopted socio-technical and legal approaches.

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