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Tag: Fake news

The "crisis of conscience" of the American press was accentuated in 2005 with the "Judith Miller" affair, named after the New York Times journalist who was imprisoned for several months […]

Misinformation and disinformation are closely linked to information literacy, especially in terms of how they are diffused and shared and how people use both cues to credibility and cues to […]

This paper is based on a review of how previous studies have defined and operationalized the term “fake news.” An examination of 34 academic articles that used the term “fake […]

As breaking news unfolds people increasingly rely on social media to stay abreast of the latest updates. The use of social media in such situations comes with the caveat that […]

Hervé Brusini describes 19th century fake news and moments of mistrust towards the media, so as to understand contemporary fake news.

The phenomenon of fake news began to draw observers’ attention in 2016, during the UK referendum campaign on Brexit and the US presidential election. Has the combination of misleading information […]

The year 2016 and the American campaign marked the explosion of the use of the term "fake news" in the public space. Popularized by Donald Trump to criticize media conveying […]

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