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Andreas Stokke presents a comprehensive study of lying and insincere language use. He investigates how lying relates to other forms of insincerity and explores the kinds of attitudes that go […]

This paper argues for an account of insincerity in speech according to which an utterance is insincere if and only if it communicates something that does not correspond to the […]

How to build an effective strategy in an era of constant misinformation and mistrust? The multiplication of alternative facts (fake news), the hysterization of debates, the growing influence of digital […]

Propaganda is not a thing of the past, quite the contrary! It has been recycled in our communication agencies for better and for worse. In this chronological and thematic book, […]

Paid protesters? A supposedly "citizen" interest group, but founded and financed by a private company? A letter of opinion, self-generated without your knowledge, bearing your signature? These are examples of […]

Histoire d'Arnaud de Montlaur, responsable de la levée des fonds de François Fillon pour les campagnes des primaires de la droite et du centre, puis des présidentielles de 2017.

A documentary about the rise of psychoanalysis as a powerful means of persuasion for both governments and corporations.

La multiplication des faits alternatifs, l'hystérisation des débats, l'emprise croissante des dispositifs numériques et le culte de la disruption fragilisent la prise de parole et la capacité d'action des décideurs.

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