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Why does reason matter, if (as many people seem to think) in the end everything comes down to blind faith or gut instinct? Why not just go with what you […]

If there is a robustness of science and knowledge, which makes their cumulative dimension possible, they can also be weakened. We shall discuss here two apparently quite different cases of […]

In a few years, everything changed. France, at the time of the yellow jackets, has nothing to do with an indivisible nation structured by a common cultural frame of reference. […]

Paid protesters? A supposedly "citizen" interest group, but founded and financed by a private company? A letter of opinion, self-generated without your knowledge, bearing your signature? These are examples of […]

An alarming number of Americans no longer trust the media to report the news fairly. This study explores factors that explain variation in media trust.

How to define the public opinion? What are the mechanisms for influencing the public?

A documentary about the rise of psychoanalysis as a powerful means of persuasion for both governments and corporations.

2016 has been consecrated as the year of post-truth. This is the era of "bullshit", hence the need for an in-depth understanding of this phenomenon.

This chapter argues that neoliberalism remains a crucial frame through which to understand media power, drawing on Marx’s notion of a ‘democratic swindle’.

Behind the unbridled appearances of the populist carnival, lies the hard work of dozens of spin doctors, ideologists and, increasingly, scientists and Big Data experts who are reinventing the rules of the political game.

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